Seven Mountains Construction Co.

SMC started off as main mechanical contractor at world's largest engine power plant IPP3 for insulation work and EGM, EAM and pipe rack erection works Mission
A leader in providing value-added construction services to our customer by creating a successful partnership with them through the construction process.
Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships and exceeding expectations to gain trust through the exceptional performance by every member in the company.

Accomplished Projects

Al-Qatrana Power Plant located in Karak, we had a good chance to have piping works fabrication an

On HRSG 1 & 2 due to some tube rapture in low pressure section renewal works were carried out

• Pipe laying, handling, incorporation of all required materials and Accessories.

Jordan Bromine Co.

We done several works on DISI line to fabricate elbows for HESCO , ICC, Masar and Husien Atieh co

SMC selected to be a fire fighting fabrication and installation company, the work including heade

SMC implemented butt and fillet welding work at housing bank project, the work handed over with h

SMC had the privilege to participate in IPP3 power plant project, the world's largest thermal pow

As JAFOCO are one of the biggest fertilizer plant in Jordan, we had a good chance to join them fr

Expansion project for National Chlorine Industrial Company, installation work for all mechanical

Arab Potash Company
Most of the seven mountains company in Potash Company scrape:

WHSG performance improvement for LEC Jordan IPP3 power plant for 11 set: